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FCS 24V 150W Lamp Quantity discount

FCS 24V 150W Lamp Quantity discount


FCS 24V 150W Lamp

Wattage: 150W 

Voltage: 24V 

Average Life: 50 hours 

Glass Shape: T-4 

Amperage: 6.25A 

Filament: CBAR6, C-6F 

Base: G6.35 Miniature 2-Pins; round 1mm, 6.35mm apart, -Pin/G6.35 G6,35-15 

Maximum Overall Length: 2 inches 

Light Center Length: 1-13/16 inches 

Burn Position: Burn lamp in Base DOWN to HORIZONTAL position. 

Lumens: 6000 

Color Temperature: 3400 kelvins 

Notes: Clear 

LIF-Code: A1/216


Quantity discount available

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