ANGÉNIEUX 12-240mm Lens

ANGÉNIEUX 12-240mm Lens

SKU: ANG12-240

Angenieux zoom lens type 20x12B 12-240mm F/3.5 (T/4.2) in Arriflex bayonet mount.

Zoom, focus and aperture control rings, all move very smoothly.

Aperture control ring is marked in f/stops and T/stops and has been declicked.

Cosmetic condition: very good.

No visible scratches, cleaning marks or fungus on the glass. Minimal internal dust.

Comes with front and rear lens caps.


Please note: this lens design does not have constant maximum aperture.

Maximum aperture is f/3.5 from 12mm to 60mm, f/4.3 from 12mm to 140mm and f/4.8 from 12mm to 240mm.


Designed for 16mm format only. NOT for Super-16.

If used on Super-16 or larger format, expect vignetting.